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Courtesy demands that every student shall wish the members of staff of this institution when he sees them for the first time during the day.

Every student shall handle Polytechnic properly and furniture in such a way as to preserve them form damage and they shall not do anything to mark the cleanliness and tidiness of the building and other properties.

Inside the Polytechnic, Smoking and use of intoxicants is strictly prohibited.

No Society, Association or Club shall be formed without the prior written permission of the Principle.

Student shall not take law into their own hands with the servants of the Polytechnic and complaints, if any, about them shall be made to the Principle for necessary action.

Strict discipline, shall be maintained within the premises of the institution, Indiscipline misconduct or other irregularity will render a student liable for fine, suspension or summery dismissal from the institution.

Students are expected to be inside their classes at least 10 minutes before the classes commences. Late comers will be refused admission in the class.

Nobody will be allowed to contact a student in the classroom or laboratory without the permission of principle or Head of Department. No Student shall collect Money for purpose in the Polytechnic premises or from the public without the written permission from the principle.


Student shall always be in neat, smart and Decent collected for even uniform during the class hours of the Instittue. They can wear Full pants and shirts or slacks. The shift shall be tucked inside the pants. During the laboratory and workshop classes they will wear kaki over-alls. They must also wear shoes or chapels. They are also advised to wear a cap during outdoor work and to wear shoes for the lab classes. Girls can wear salwar kameez, or churidar with duppatta. During lab classes they will wear blue over-coats.


Absolute silence shall be observed in the library and Reading Room, student on receiving book are expected to examine them and report any damages found in them to the librarian before they leave library. Faillure to do so will render them liable to pay for damage that may be noticed afterwards.

Students shall not write, make any mark upon or damage in way the books, periodicals manuscripts or maps belonging to the library. The librarian at his discretion is empowered to order out any student who misbehave in the library All serious offenses will be brought to the notice of the principle promptly by the librarian.

Fines imposed shall be paid during the same month and replacement of lost books shall be effected, as ordered, Text books will be issued on loans from the Book Bank to deserving, poor and needy students, as per rules in force.


Ref: 1.G.O.Ms.No.469 & T/dated 25-04-1989
2.D.T.E.Lr.No.109717/J3/88 dated 22-09-2989
Ragging is an unpardonable injustice against student community and students who take part in this barbarian act will definitely be expelled from the institution and also punishable by law.




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